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Welcome to Edmonton Drug Treatment Court Service



The Edmonton Drug Treatment Court Service (EDTCS) provides a pre-sentence justice alternative for drug addicted offenders. The program provides offenders the opportunity to rebuild their lives and empowers them to become productive members of the community. Participation in this intensive program is a minimum of 1 year and requires hard work and dedication in order to graduate successfully. Some of the expectations while in the program are:

Genuine & active engagement in program

Frequent random & regular drug screens

Completion of an Individual Treatment Recovery and Reintegration Plan

Weekly probation reporting

Weekly court appearance

Weekly information and process sessions

Community restoration through volunteer hours

Peer support mentorship program

Cultural and spiritual programs

Psychological and therapeutic counselling

Trauma based Courage of Women program

Criminal and Addictive Thinking program

Financial Literacy programs

Grief and Loss programs and supports

Anger Management programs and supports

Parenting programs

Alberta Health Services addictions counsellor referral

Residential & day treatment addictions programs

Physical & Mental Health Services

Recovery based meetings and workshops

Government benefit and income support services referral

Educational resources and opportunities

Development and enhancement of employment skills

Literacy and language programs

Safe and affordable recovery housing


The EDTCS accepts new applications when the program is able to accomodate new clients. Contact your legal counsel or probation officer if you are interested.