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The Edmonton Drug Treatment Court Service (EDTCS), formerly known as the Edmonton Drug Treatment and Community Restoration Court (EDTCRC) began in December 2005 with funding from Justice Canada and Health Canada's Drug Strategy Program. The EDCS is operated through a partnership of the Provincial Court of Alberta, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, Justice Canada, and is a program of the Edmonton John Howard Society.

Drug treatment courts represent a concerted effort to break the cycle of drug use and criminal recividism. They focus on providing treatment for drug-involved offenders who meet a specified criteria and provide an aternative to jail by offering an opportunity to complete a drug treatment program.

Our Mission

To reduce the individual, social and economic cost of illicit substance abuse through an innovative partnership between the criminal justice system, drug treatment services and the community. Our primary objective is to reduce criminal behavour, substance abuse, break the cycle of crime and addiction, enhance the lives of the clients, and support their reintegration into the community.

The EDTCS realizes this through a comprehensive approach to reduce the number of crimes committed to support drug dependence. This approach includes:

  • Judicial supervision
  • Comprehensive substance abuse treatment
  • Random and regular urinalysis testing
  • Incentives & sanctions
  • Coordinated case management
  • Social services support

Our Vision

To help create a safer community where offenders with substance abuse problems are given the opportunity to break the cycle of crime and substance abuse and become productive citizens and respected community members.