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The EDTCS accepts new apllicants when the program is able to accomodate new clients. Contact your lawyer or probation officer if you are interested.   


The decision about whether a client should be admitted to EDTCS is a collaborative decision based on input from all members of the EDTCS court team and ultimately the Judge. Section 720(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada requires the consent of the Accused, Crown and Court to enter the Drug Treatment Court. Potential clients are screened through multiple steps before acceptance is considered.


  • Non-Violent Offender
  • No Current Gang Affiliation
  • Drug Dependent
  • Offences are generally committed to support their substance abuse habit
  • Offender is at high risk to continue in their substance abuse
  • Offender is high needs with respect to treatment and support
  • The EDTCS is unable to accept clients with only tobacco, alcohol and marijuana dependencies

EDTCS Application Process Overview

There are two stages to the Application/Assessment Process

Stage 1: Crown Eligibility Review

An applicant must first submit their name for admission to the program. This must be done through their counsel, Legal Aid or probation officer. Once their name has been submitted applicants' will then be vetted by the Federal and/or Provincial Prosecutor to determine if the offences are eligible. There can be no current or recent demonstrable gang connections or association and no current or recent violence.

Please Note:

  • All outstanding offences must be resolved for entry into drug treatment court.
  • This stage will determine if an individual is eligible to apply for the treatment program.

Stage 2: Treatment Eligibility Review

Once an applicant has been deemed "eligible to apply" they will begin stage 2 of the application process.

1) Application & addictions self assessment is completed by applicant and returned to EDTCS team.

2) Motivational assessment is completed by the EDTCS team with the applicant.

3) Addictions assessment is completed by a certified addictions specialist.

Upon completing steps 1 to 3, if applicant is determined as suitable, they will proceed to step 4.

4) Intenstive intake and assessment completed with applicant.

 The intake process is to determine:

  • Reasonable likelihood of success in the program considering  cognitive ability.
  • Nature of the addiction
  • Clearly identified motivation to change

Once the intake process has been completed, the applicant's case will be reviewed by the EDTCS team and a decision as to whether or not they are accepted will be made. 

If Accepted:

If accepted the applicant is required to enter a guilty plea(s) in court as part of admission to the program. Once an applicant has entered their pleas, the conditions of their release will be made clear and they will begin treatment.

If Not Accepted:

If the applicant is not accepted for enrollment in the program the Crown Prosecutor will notify the applicant’s lawyer of the decision. The applicant’s case will be returned to the regular court system and any information provided by the applicant during the assessment process will be kept confidential.

Please be advised that applicants' are expected to observe Drug Treatment Court and appear in court on a weekly basis during the application process.